The purpose of this Web site is to encourage Medicare beneficiaries (and soon to be beneficiaries) and family members to educate themselves about Medicare and related programs covering Medigap, HMO, Medicaid and Long Term Care. We will cover the topics of eligibility, options, benefits, paperwork procedures, help resources and types of problem situations with which you may be confronted.

I will rely heavily on these last seventeen years as a volunteer, counseling other seniors (65 and older) and disabled under 65, on a one-on-one basis, about Medicare and related matters. I believe this counseling experience will help me highlight important health insurance questions and potential problems for the web site viewer.

I urge that you take advantage of the available literature and information sources listed on our Resources Page. I invite your emailing of comments and questions to, and will answer as many as possible on our Editor's Page.

The viewer at this site has flexibility – does not have to wade through all the information to benefit – but can surf the various segment #’s of the subject (Medicare, Medigap, etc.) to ascertain, with the help of highlighted and captioned topics, if the info is in that segment (on that particular page).  And, as mentioned above, if you can’t find the info on this site, you are only a click away from the Resources Page – a listing of 22 (government, non-profit and private contractor) information sources. 

On your first visit to I urge that you click on Medicare before going to Medigap, HMO or Medicaid. Medicare is central to the understanding of most related health coverage subjects.

I furthermore must advise that counseling in Medigap and Medicaid is directed to New York State residents, and takes into consideration applicable New York State laws and regulations that may override, in part, Federal laws and regulations. Therefore, residents of other states must refer to appropriate state agencies for applicable rules and regulations.

Click on Medicare segment 02 for a detailed description of the new Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Benefit. 

And to help you attain this new benefit, I refer you to Medicare segment 03.  You will find postings of “Info Alerts” – alerting you to information to help you better navigate the prescription drug benefit system.

Sincerely yours,

Morris Levine

Updated: March 8, 2010